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Need a better way to support your Sheriffs and their administrations?


LE SupplyPRO was created to make procurement easy! Think of us as the online “superstore” for every Sheriff’s Office in your state. Never before has there been such a powerful resource to purchase EVERYTHING needed to keep Sheriffs safe, and to be sure their offices work efficiently.

PLUS, a portion of EVERY SALE goes back to the National Sheriffs’ Association to support its mission and goals. This will provide additional funding for education and training programs, member services and other worthwhile initiatives!

Invite your Sheriffs’ Offices to join NOW!

LE SupplyPRO is fully endorsed by the National Sheriffs’ Association. In fact, we officially launched at the 2017 NSA Annual Conference held in Reno, NV. Through negotiations with distributors and manufacturers, our combined efforts can now offer EVERY Sheriff’s Office the following products, at the most competitive prices:

  • Office Supplies
  • Uniforms & Off-Duty Apparel
  • Medicinal Supplies & OTC Medications
  • Inmate Soft Goods & Supplies
  • Janitorial Supplies
  • Forensic/Crime Scene Supplies
  • Office Electronics & Surveillance Equipment
  • Firearms, Ammo & LTL Products
  • Tactical Gear & Accessories
  • Tires & Auto Care
  • Regional/Seasonal Equipment