Sheriff’s Offices

The struggle ends NOW!
Sheriffs’ offices have never had such a powerful tool to procure EVERYTHING needed for Sheriffs and their administrations. Those in charge of buying are left to search multiple sources for:

  • Office Supplies
  • Uniforms & Off-Duty Apparel
  • Medicinal Supplies & OTC Medications
  • Inmate Soft Goods & Supplies
  • Janitorial Supplies
  • Forensic/Crime Scene Supplies
  • Office Electronics & Surveillance Equipment
  • Firearms, Ammo & LTL Products
  • Tactical Gear & Accessories
  • Tires & Auto Care
  • Regional/Seasonal Equipment

Sheriffs and buyers, we’ve got your back.
There is an easier way!


The National Sheriffs’ Association led the way to create a technology solution that allows EVERY Sheriff’s office to procure what they need, all in one place. LE was created through partnerships with law enforcement equipment manufacturers and distributors nationwide. It allows Sheriffs and their deputies to procure what they need, when they need it, securely and cost efficiently.

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