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In the past, the law enforcement community was spending billions of dollars every year for equipment and supplies, without any benefit returning to them or the National Sheriffs’ Association. LE SupplyPRO, created in partnership with the National Sheriffs’ Association changes that situation into a major enhancement for its membership and the Association.

When YOU use LE SupplyPRO to procure law enforcement equipment and jail operations supplies, a percentage of every purchase goes back to the Association to help support its mission, goals and member programs.

The National Sheriffs’ Association introduced LE SupplyPRO to its membership at the 2017 NSA Annual Conference held in Reno, NV. It was attended by well over a thousand law enforcement members, and was received with tremendous excitement and interest.

This procurement system was built by Sheriffs, for Sheriffs. LE SupplyPRO is fast and easy to use, and it offers NATIONWIDE PRICING for all law enforcement supplies and equipment. This means significant savings for all Sheriffs’ agencies and jail operations throughout the country!

LE SupplyPRO represents the largest online marketplace for ALL of your law enforcement needs. Sign up TODAY to start saving time and money!

LE SupplyPRO and National Sheriffs' Association

LE SupplyPRO is endorsed by Sheriffs!

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Meet the Team




Roger Butterwick was appointed CFO in March of 2017. Mr. Butterwick offers 40+ years of leadership experience in finance and business development. He served as a Lieutenant in the U.S. Army Signal Corps before receiving his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Accounting from the University of Denver. He was appointed Vice President of the Colorado Society of CPAs and as Treasurer of the Jefferson County Colorado Republican Central Committee. When he isn’t busy building successful companies, Mr. Butterwick can be found skiing triple black diamonds or sailing competitively at locations worldwide.



Diann P Metzler, aka “D” brings over 20 years of accounting leadership to LE SupplyPro.  With a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, D’s previous experience supporting Law Enforcement is proving valuable in providing financial analysis.

Prior to relocating in Arizona, D spent many years with the Sacramento Sheriff’s Posse Equestrian Drill Team.  This dedication led D to join the U.S. Marshal’s Posse of Arizona.  This equestrian team is dedicated to supporting Law Enforcement

and First Responders with the assistance of the U.S. Marshal’s Office.  When not analyzing financials, you can find her in the saddle of her Palomino Cash, at the gym, or hiking with her family.


LE SupplyPRO
Mr. Eberhart is a graduate of the FBI Law Enforcement Executive Development Association (FBI LEEDA), Penn State University Police Executive Development (POLEX),

The PACP/ACPA Command Institute for Police Executives (CIPE) and is actively pursuing his graduate work in organizational management and leadership. When he became part of the LE SupplyPRO team in 2017, he had brought more than 18 years of business development and organizational management experience. He has developed and strengthened long-term relationships with key clients and business partners in the public safety and risk management industry and associations. Using a

situational approach, he has also assembled aggressive management and sales teams and conducted marketing and sales support which resulted in exceptional growth in sales and market share. In addition, he has spent over 19 years in law enforcement and over 20 years in the US Army, on Active Duty, National Guard, and Army Reserve units serving in Airborne Infantry, Long Range Surveillance, Light Infantry, and Special Forces Units. When not developing and strengthening business relations, Mr. Eberhart is avid in physical fitness, sport shooting, tactical shooting, and outdoor activities.



Front-End Developer

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit to me and my agency?
LE SupplyPRO has negotiated with participating suppliers to provide you with nationwide best pricing and the ability to search, compare and purchase products.  LE SupplyPRO saves you time and money by providing you with a wide range of products and the ability to compare pricing from various suppliers. The portal allows you to purchase multiple products from multiple suppliers in a single transaction.

LE SupplyPRO provides you with an Agency Liaison that is able to assist you at any point in your procurement process.  They are at your service to mediate contact with any supplier on your behalf saving you additional time and effort.

LE SupplyPRO is 100% free to use and a percentage of every purchase goes back to the National Sheriffs’ Association to help support its goals and missions.

What is the cost to join the program?
It is 100% free to use for anyone in your agency.
Is LE SupplyPRO a vendor?
No.  LE SupplyPRO is an online procurement vehicle connecting you with you with a network of vendors.  LE SupplyPRO does not stock, sell or ship any of the products listed on our portal.  Each purchase is made directly with the vendor listed and shipped from their facility.  LE SupplyPRO is tool to streamline your procurement process and bring you nationwide best pricing.
How does LE SupplyPRO get paid?
LE SupplyPRO negotiates agreements with our participating partners to receive a percentage of each sale.  A portion of that, in turn, goes back to the National Sheriffs’ Association.  Each partner still provides nationwide best pricing and does not increase their margin to accommodate this percentage. This ensures you still receive the best possible price while also supporting your national association.
What can my agency purchase on LE SupplyPRO?
LE SupplyPRO is constantly adding more products to service your agency.  Currently, you can purchase products such as office supplies, medical supplies, uniforms, firearms and accessories, ammunition, drones, and much more.
What if I cannot find the product I am looking for?
If you are having trouble finding a specific product please contact your agency liaison.  Your liaison will work with you and our partners to obtain the products you need. If there is a products category that you would like to see added to the portal, please let your agency liaison know and our team will work to find partners to fill those categories.
Can anybody join LE SupplyPRO?
LE SupplyPRO is only open to law enforcement agencies and their active employees.  The portal is not public facing and requires verification prior to receiving access.
How do I join LE SupplyPRO?
To join LE SupplyPRO click this link. All you need to join is your agency name, address, and ORI number.  Once your information has been verified, you will receive login credentials from your agency liaison
Am I restricted in only using LE SupplyPRO for purchases?
No, you are not obligated to purchase through LE SupplyPRO; however, by doing so your agency receives the best possible pricing, a streamlined purchasing process, and dedicated support from our agency liaisons.  A percentage of every sale made through LE SupplyPRO goes back to the National Sheriffs Association to support its goals and missions.
Are local suppliers able to participate in the LE SupplyPRO program?
Yes.  If you have a local supplier that your prefer to purchase from they are welcome to become a partner on the portal.  If you would like more information on how they can become a partner, please contact your agency liaison.
What if my agency already has a contract with one of your partners?
If you have a contract with one of our partners you are still able to shop freely with them on the portal.  If you have any special arrangements, feel free to contact your agency liaison to facilitate the sale.
What is the process for purchasing from CDW-G and Staples?
Due to the expansive product offering that each of these partners provide, LE SupplyPRO links directly to their existing ecommerce platforms. Upon sign up for LE SupplyPRO you will also be registered for a separate Staples Business Advantage account.  This ensures you receive the exclusive LE SupplyPRO pricing.
We have multiple people involved in purchasing, each with a different dollar limitation and products they are authorized to purchase. Can you handle these complexities?
This feature is currently under development.  You may contact your agency liaison at any time to provide your requirements so we can ensure this feature works for your agency.
How do I know that the pricing is fair and reasonable?
Each contract with our suppliers is negotiated to ensure that the pricing displayed on the portal is nationwide best pricing.  If you find a lower price for the same product elsewhere please contact your agency liaison and we will contact the supplier on your behalf.
We have local/state thresholds before bids are required. Can the system handle the bidding process?
This feature is currently under development.  You may contact your agency liaison at any time to provide your requirements so we can ensure this feature works for your agency.
Is training and support available?
Yes, your agency liaison is ready and able to provide a tutorial to you and/or anyone else in your agency upon your request. Please feel free to contact us to set up a call to walk you through the portal.

Do you have other products or manufacturers would you like on LE SupplyPRO? Let us know!